Where Good Ideas Come from..

Where Good Ideas Come From: The Natural History of Innovation
by Steven Johnson
I became interested in this book after a review from HBR Magazine and also a video:

I’m enjoying this book so far, it is quite interesting how the good ideas are built over time and highly influenced by the environment. However, the links that we are able to create with new technologies are accelerating this process. There is an example in the book where it states that it takes 20 years from idea to mass audience, however YouTube made this in only 2 years.

I guess the best thing about this book so far is that (1) gives you some comfort that good ideas don’t come out of nowhere and just pop-up, it is a slow process, (2) it seems that there are some personal an evironmental conditions that can help make the connections and probably speep-up the process.

So, the big question is.. How can you speed-up coming up with good ideas? Most of us can’t wait decades!




So this will be my blog/website, im not really sure what i’ll be sharing but i guess it will be kind of mixed.

This is my first real attempt at keeping a blog, so i guess depending on what im working on, reading a book, having some holidays, attending events or anything in between will be the subject.

Enjoy reading!